Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Regan Update

Hello everyone.....this is just a quick update and a request for prayer. I have no idea why this is underlining but maybe the computer knows this needs emphasis. I don't list prayer concerns a lot but it is heavy on my heart today to have you pray.

Regan is very tired....We miss her a lot. So would you please pray for her to have more awake time. She is more awake than she was but still too much.....

Also she is having a lot of mucus.... and coughing...I guess like allergy type issues. Would you pray for her strength and our alertness.

Thanks for all your prayer....I'll write more this weekend when I have more time. Right now she is watching Price is Right...she smiles at all the sounds. It makes me happy because my Granny used to love Price is Right.....she must have passed that gene on.

This is Lil Regan's afternoon friend...otherwise known as Ryder's nanny....This picture was taken in May. Those are the eyes we want back. Hey looks the underlining went away!


shannon said...

What a sweet picture! I love the family picture up top, too, by the way. I am praying for sweet Regs. I love seeing her pretty blue eyes. Love you guys!

Dan & Tammy said...

Praying for Regan!! Also praying for you & Brian and your marriage and your two older kids! But I will specifically pray for Regan. Love you guys.

keri said...

Hello Mills family. We don't often comment but we always read and you are always in our prayers. I love the pic. Too cute! We miss you guys!