Thursday, August 14, 2008


Every mother has systems for their household. I few years a go heard a lady speak and also read her book on managing a household. I used some of her ideas and have twecked them to make them better for me. She suggested that you create files for each area of your life. So I did. Those files have changed through the years because life changed. I have a file for invitations, a file on my spiritual formation girls, a file for church, a file for decorating ideas, a file for the bible study I teach, I had a orthodotic file but we are done with that so it has become the file for my subsitute teacher information. Three constant files have been my kids. Each child has their own. Regan's file was not big enough so we started using an expandable file for medical needs. This worked great because we could grab it in a hurry and it had everyting we needed in it. Eventually her papers would move to her own file cabinett! These files for the kids work great for us. Any note, important paper, or form goes in this file. I use it for reference and so we can keep up with the constant stream of papers going back and forth. The kids know to put the information there that needs a place to belong until we need it. Yesterday we registered for school so I cleaned them out. I needed to make room for the semester ahead. So I removed things like summer camp information and notes from their teachers last year. I realized we had two bookette's left from last year, so yesterday we went to lunch at Pizza Hut! There is also information that we will need this year stuff like Cheer camp and music lesson info. This filing system sets on my desk so I see it multiple times a day. It sets right next to the computer. It is always just a reach away.

I know you can feel where this is going. Nothing new is going in Regan's folder. The last important papers I placed in there were her death certificates. If you have ever gone through helping someone die you know you need lots of these. We got eight. We still have three left. There is also a funeral home business card and two perscriptions that I never got to fill for her. I just left it all in there. I want her to still need a file. I want to put something new it. I want to fill out paper work for her. Yesterday we also got a refund from Kid Care (her secondary insurance for the state of IL) for May. We had already paid the premuim for May...she didn't need insurance for May. I want her to need insurance. I miss St John's. I had to take Rylee to the doctor last week for a sinus infection. I was actually looking forward to it (boy am I weird). I feel more normal when there are meds to give ..Bruce our phamaciest actually said, "we miss you!" when I went to get Rylee's meds. I miss the pharmacy! I miss her.

I saw a little boy yesterday at the Jr High that was Regan's age. His issues seem similar to her. He also shared a warm smile and eyes that sparkled when we saw the people who loved him. I watched him closely....I intorduced myself to him...he couldn't speak back but he smiled at me. I felt like it was Regan. It made me smile. I told him he was blessed to have is cousins and aunt there to love him well. He smiled at me again. I told him you make their life better. They all agreed. I walked away and thought about how glad I was for his family...he still needs a file.

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Dave, Kristen and Katelyn McCurdy said...

Thank you once again for sharing your insights and feelings. We love you guys and are praying for you as a new school year starts.