Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Canyon Thoughts

We recently went to the Grand Canyon. There is nothing that can describe it. Words fall short..pictures don't do justice....but trust me when I tell you that you must go there. Please go when your children are older because there are hardly any rails which makes it great and terrifying all at the same time.

While I was there each day I would think about the pioneers or native Indians who would happen to arrive at this canyon. How it must have been difficult to explain to someone how vast it is. How people probably didn't believe them because it just seemed unreal. It didn't seem possible that earth could look like this. Then came along the photograph....now there is a witness to this truth...the Grand Canyon. See here it is. Now people travel year round to visit God's glorious canyon.

Now people arrive and say "This is bigger than I thought." "This is more vast than I could imagine." This place is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. People from all over the world travel to see this place that they have always heard of, seen picture of or studied in school. Everyone has the same experience. We all think...this is more amazing than I ever thought it could be.
I kept saying, "I have heard of this place my whole life and now I am actually here." Then I would say, "This is better than I ever thought it could be." For four days I did this over and over. We would turn a corner and say, "Amazing, it looks completely different here." Now I tell people and they don't understand. There eyes go blank because they really don't want to hear and they do not understand. Except for those who have been there too.

This got me thinking about heaven. How I have heard of this place my whole life and someday I will be there. I will say "This is better than I ever thought it could be!" I will say, "I have heard of this place my whole life and now I am actually here, I can't believe it I am here." "Jesus wasn't lying when he said it would be worth the wait."

Some people have a hard time believing Jesus and the words He said to be true. We have been waiting a long time. My faith often weak in this area because I want to see and feel and touch so I can know. I am a little like Thomas. While at the Canyon I kept thinking how John says, "No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven, the Son of Man." Jn 3:13 He testifies to us about the values of heaven, who is great, who will be least and about what the Father is like. I must believe Him because He was there. Just like I was at the Canyon because someone had gone there and testified to me about it's grandness, so I went. Jesus is telling us about something higher, greater, better than anything we know. Even though I don't understand it because it is grander than I can wrap my mind around doesn't mean it doesn't exist. He paints a picture for us with words but those words will fall short because words aren't enough. It takes trusting Him and that is our journey to get there. He said that He was going back there to prepare a place for us. I trust that too. He says He is coming back for me...I trust that too. When the clouds part and Christ is there, the dead in Christ will rise first, then we will met them in the air. I wonder if we will say, "It is just as He said."

Come, Lord Jesus Come!

This picture was at sun set in the Canyon! AMAZING! Oh, He is coming for us!

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