Thursday, September 24, 2009


This morning I decided I needed to sort a section of my craft/game closet. This is also were I keep photos. So of course this sent me crying. These were photos from the last couple years or so. I put them in order and was filing them away. Crying all along. One of the things that is difficult is that my older to have changed from this...these were both taken the day of Regan's viewing here in Lincoln. (On a side note...we love our little joy baby Liam~! he is my nephew!)
To this...They grew up. Now they are not all the way grown up by any means but there physical changes are a refection of what her death has caused in their emotions and souls. In Harry Potter there are the animals that no one can see unless you have seen someone die. I think it is true that there is something that happens to you, that changes the way you see and experience the world when you are present at some one's death. We all grew up that day. My life is changed. I will never be the same nor to I want to be. Death is nothing like you think it will be....much more difficult than I ever imagined. Our relationship with each other grew deeper with each other because of this experience and our "getting on with it" afterwards...I am glad that God was with us...He wasn't asleep, He wasn't distracted, He wasn't preoccupied, He wasn't busy, He didn't have better things to do. He didn't need to be invited in..He just IS! He is the One maturing us into the likeness of His Son. Making us grow up and not be spiritual babies anymore. Praise God that HE WAS! He IS! and HE WILL BE!

So today I am thankful that physical changes aren't all that we have to count on. God promises us that He can do more than we imagine that HE can. I am trusting that He is making us more like our Big Brother Jesus insight, depth of wisdom, understanding....this is what I desire....make us all more like You God!

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Tiffany said...

Cannot believe how they all have grow. Ryder went from a little boy to a man (he has a jawline!) We can only hope that with physical maturity comes spiritual and emotional maturity. It is easier to feed healthy food than healthy worldview! Praying for all of our heritage to grow up STRONG!