Friday, February 26, 2010

Lent oh Sweet Lent has been awhile. Lent is here. For many years now I have observed Lent. Mostly because I need Lent. I look forward to it until I am in it. Then it makes me sad. For six weeks I expect to have little happiness. This is hard for the people around me. I get this a lot "are you okay?" I don't know how to answer this. Yes I am okay. Jesus died for my sin. He rose again so I could be renewed and restored. So, yes i am okay but my own sin drives me mad! It seems like most of the time I give up something so insignificant it is embarrassing to even offer this to God as worship. I have given up coffee, chocolates, sweets, complaining, diet coke, tv, rich meat...One year I didn't give up anything because I had to give up my daughter. That seemed like enough.

This year I have given up thirty minutes of sleep to pray and read the Bible. Now I obviously already pray and read but I love sleep. I love sleep in February and March like I love the sun in July! I think about when the next time is I will get it. I want to go to bed at 8...but make myself stay up later. I am not working until April so I don't have to get up before sleep was a good choice.

It is still small. So is chocolate, sweets, diet coke, complaining, tv, meat....I mean it is a small thing compared to Christ. No thing we could ever give up is what Christ gave up. It is small compared to my sin. is so hard for me to get up. This makes me crazy. Today I never even heard my alarm but woke up wide awake at 6:30...know I know it went off but I just didn't respond.

I am like this spiritually...alseep...non-responsive...."Wake up O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on You." (Eph. 5:14)

Lent is good for me. It reminds me.... I am weak. I don't like being weak. I prefer strong. Lent makes me feel exposed. "everything exposed by the light becomes visible for it is light the makes everything visible." (eph 5:13) Shine on me sweet Jesus...shine on!


Mondaie said...

AMEN!!! For lent the girls and I are doing bible studies a few times a week...we were slacking on our studies at home..They have an awesome daily study book that we read....let us pray for strength and wisdom through this lent season and all through the year...remember the cross! :)

Julie Russell said...

Wow, that is a big thing to give up sleep. I loooooove sleep and never seem to get enough, so to hear you giving up a half hour of it....well, my respect springs anew:) You're right, it is still a small thing, but God loves even those little gifts, and usually gives back even bigger ones. I hope you are blessed in your extra daily half hour awake!

Deanne said...

I missed you. I love to take a look at things through your lens. You help me to think and grow Chantell. I love you!