Tuesday, February 05, 2008

sleeping until 10:15

Everyone is busy. This week has been over the top. Today was the end of of the crazy week. I am so glad. All the things that I have been participating in are great. Planning and hosting a all women's event at LCC. I really love my small group and have loved all of my small groups I have lead since we have been working at LCC. We had tons of snow but it was warm inside the hall we meet in because girls love to get together.
I also have been planning (with the help of lots of other) a retreat for high school girls at LCC. It is called "Awaken." I love this retreat....I love the girls I get to work with to plan it and I really love pour God's blessings out on these high school girls. Some of them drove four hours through the snow to get there. We were honored to have Shauna Niequist with us. She just wrote a book called Cold Tangerine's. If you haven't read it...you should.

This week I have been kicking off a new semester of Women's Bible Study at our Church (Monday Night and Tuesday Morning). I haven't taught a weekly study in five years so my stomach hurt yesterday because I was so nervous. We have about forty ladies participating between the two times. I look forward to our journey together.

Tonight is our Parent Advisory Board meeting in Springfield. I look forward to it each month...it is weird but I love St John's...I love the people there. It is like going home in many ways. It is a place were some of the biggest events in my life have happened. Many of them shared this moments with us. It is nice to give back.

Some people go like this all the time. I however do not. So the carrot in front of my nose is the thoughts of sitting in my living room and reading. I think Shannon might come over for lunch. That would be great too. I just want to take it easy. I don't want to load anything into my car but my body and purse. I do not want to try and make any body or thing feel comfortable but my feet. I am full of gratitude for all of these places to serve but I am ready for a break. Rylee and I didn't even watch the Super Bowl Sunday. We watched High School Musial II and played games. The boys were gone and so we did Sunday our way. She went with me to serve for Awaken...we both needed rest. She was tired on Saturday Night. While we were eating dinner we were discussing how tired we were. She looked at Ryder and said, "Ryder , you are not the one who had to get up at 10:15...you would be tired too!"

.....oh to sleep until 10:15am!

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