Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ryder is having another birthday. He is getting another year older and as always several years smarter. He recently got his hair cut for the community theater musical production he is in this summer "Cheaper by the Dozen." It is the 1920's version not the Steve Martin version. He is doing a great job as the oldest son Frank. It is the best he has ever done. Some people think the hair cut makes him look younger...most however think it makes him look very grown up. A couple of days ago I took Ryder and his good friend Hannah out for "Steak N Shake" for their birthday's. We had a great time.
Ryder is a great boy. One of the things I love about him is his heart of "little guys." Here he is with his cousins but it seems most guys around the age of 4 or 5 think Ryder is pretty cool.

This morning he told me that he had been praying about a very hard situation that is out in his future. It is something he has no control over but doesn't want to happen. He has been resisting this change. Even though he knows it is a couple years away. He like most people doesn't like change. He told me today, "I going to get out of God's way. The "Kingdom" is bigger than me Mom." What a boy! What a little man!


Dan & Tammy said...

He's so handsome and grown up! Praying for your family as they grow and change. :) (what # birthday was this?) Love ya!

Cindy said... sad is it that this is the first time that I have seen Ryder's new haircut and we go to church together and live around the corner from each other?!?! He is a handsome boy...another fine creation, like Regan, by our Father God...and I know someone that my boys look up to. Happy birthday Ryder (a little late) from the Kellers!

flowergirl said...

I love reading about your family, thanks so much for sharing it. I feel so hopeful when I think about having a family like yours and kids that are so precious and being a parent that can love like you and Brian do. Thank you for being vulnerable and know that it blesses me everytime, even to read the hard stuff. To know your faith is still there and you're still seeing God working around you. I really hope to meet you when I'm back in the states next year. Continuing to pray for you and your family.