Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This month is so full of memories of Regan

March 22 was her first seizure
March 27 first hospitalization in Dallas Children's Hospital
April 2 was the day she was declared brain dead in 2007
April 16 was the day she actually died

So we just move from one strange memory to another....

Each of these times hold both sad memories and also little miracles. Strangely enough Regan's first seizure was also while my Granny was likely to die from kidney failure. She made it and so did Regan for over five years. Amazing when I think about how these two are connected.

The first time we were hospitalized we were there for 10 days. They were some long days. We had no idea what we were doing. But we felt God close and guiding us in so many ways. His care has always been tender toward us. There are so many ways we saw him move I could not begin to list them all but a few are:
Regan was already in there computer but we had never been in that hospital and no one knew we were coming. The Great Physician called ahead.
Regan had a seizure as I laid the pen down at the registration desk. You never knew when they would come. God had perfect timing. The nurse came running through the door and knew exactly what she was looking at and diagnosed her immediately and accurately.
The president of the hospital came to visit us and pray for us....his daughter attended a Bible study that I taught. This pushed a test through we had been waiting on for two happened within two hours.

Obviously everyone who reads knows all the details about the last two events. There are so many more than I could write about. We were glad to have her another year....we wish we had more. I wish I was buying her an Easter outfit to match Rylee. Yet we still feel and hear God. His care is tender....even in the the intensive care, hospice care, home care because we are always under His care.


farmnwife said...

Saw Ryder at the dress rehearsal today. Great show. Your post about first grade made me think about doing some subbing again when the kids are older.

amyjo said...

I've definitely been praying for you guys lately as I knew we were stomping up to some pretty big dates in your life!