Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Grade Adventures

This week I officially became the substitute teacher for first grade while the normal teacher has a baby. She was put on bed rest four weeks before her due date so I am starting early! It has been a lot of fun. I enjoy this age....6 and 7 year olds. Regan might have been in first grade...and here is where I will be on the days around her death day. I will be surrounded by children who are still here to getting picked up after school, get their lunch packed, do homework, practice writing words, make spring crafts....their parents have no idea how blessed they are. Many of these parents don't feel blessed by their children at all. I feel a special attachment with those especially. I have already introduced them to one of my favorite series for this age, "Mercy Watson." three of them checked out copies to take home. They want to come to my house for dinner. They request me to tell them stories about adventures I have taken. The little girls love my rings and necklaces (no wooden pieces or button covers). They show me their bows. I tell them I love bows. Even the kindergardeners show me their bows and hair barrettes...isn't that strange? I have one boy that likes to set on my lap. He says "Do you think I am too big to set on your lap." I say, "No way, my twelve year old still sets on my lap." They knock at my window during recess....I wave and wink. One little one says he likes my hair because it smells good. I already love them.

I must say I wish Regan was with me. I wish I could have pushed her in a normal swing. I wish she could have climbed on rock walls. I wish she could have practiced her spelling words with me. I wonder what her handwirting might have looked like? I wish she could have asked me for a story.

This six year olds comfort me and make me long all at the same time. I know this is normal. I know because I KNOW that we were not made to watch things die. We were not made to let go of things in death. We were made for abundant life. We were made to cultivate to bring forth life. This truth comforts me the most and makes me long for eternity even more!

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The McClendons said...

What a wonderful blessing you are to these precious children. They, just like your adult friends, are drawn to you, Chantell. They want to be with you more, learn more. They are blessed!