Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Open Wounds

I hate for my knees to show. I only own two pairs of shorts that I rarely ware in public. Last summer I wore one pair to Wal-mart and Ryder said, "Mom you know you have your shorts on don't you." One of the main reasons I don't like my knees to show is because I have a scar on my knee. I tripped and landed on a glass soda bottle and sliced it right open. My mom only put a butterfly band-aid on it but it probably needed stitches....(after years of therapy on this I am no longer bitter at my mom! :) So, for better or for worse I have a reminder of a childhood wound.

Ryder has a scar in his eye brow from hitting his head on a coffee table at his Uncle Paul's house. He had 12 stitches with no anesthetic. His scar is smaller but a much better story because of how brave his was. Recently that scar brought comfort to one of Ryder's friends who had to get stitches and was a little nervous about the scarring. When I see Ryder's little scar I remember how brave he was and how God was with Ryder and helped him endure without anesthetic and it brings me hope that God is with me when I have no pain relief.

Brennan my nephew has a scar that wraps around his back from a surgery he had when he was just a couple months old. The scar represents more than just a surgery but the tender care of doctors who recognized a problem. His parents have lovingly endured a very difficult journey with him. When I see Brennan's scar I am comforted because I know GOD was the protector of Brennan's life and that God is my protector too~!

Regan has many scars...all of them represent a small leg of her journey. When I see them I remember that there was a health issue that brought us to the surgery and in each of Regan's surgeries it eventually brought some relief. Each time she has been better off than before she went in because the surgery helped...the scar is worth it!

We all have wounds...as I have said many times...pain is the great equalizer. Jesus himself had scars to prove He was who He said He was...it was as if he was saying..."See these scars..remember the cross...but I am here..I conquered that...I have the scars to prove it." It seems this wound...which became a scar brought the ultimate healing.

My man Henri says this "Open wounds stink and do not heal." (Nouwen "The Wounded Healer") We all know what these open wounds look like..we have been around people who "stink" because they have left thier wounds take over their life...they are rotten. Some say "time heals" I say.."Time just makes you bitter...only Jesus heals." We all have wounds....it would be impossible to go through life without it...I think what is most important is that we not be afraid to let the wounds heal...then not be afraid to bear our scars to one another....An open wound don't help anyone much but a scar can provide courage, can be a reminder of God's care or maybe help us remember the wound was worth it.

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Preach it girl, You've should publish these writings!