Monday, July 30, 2007

My litttle man is 11.

Since Ryder is turning 11 on Tuesday I want to share 11 things that I love about my little man! This is also sorta photo summer in review for Him too!

1....His heart for those younger than him is awesome to watch. He is very popular among the 3-5 year old's at our church and he works as a helper in their classroom. Here he is with is cousin but he always great to kneel down and play.....Jesus was like that...I'm glad Ryder is too!2....He loves to be with his Dad. He is growing up..going into Junior High which is crazy but true. It is fun to watch these two develop into great pals. Ryder's always been close to me but the older he gets the more he wants to talk to Dad about it or be with Dad. I so proud of that. A boy should want to be with is Father...Jesus did...I am glad Ryder does too!

3...Ryder is a born leader. People want to be with him. Here he is leading Rylee on a horse this was on there trip to Nana and Papa's house. He is usually pretty good with being responsible with his leadership. He is always watching for the one that is on the edge and giving them a place to belong. We need more good solid Christian men who aren't afraid to lead. Jesus was always reaching out to those on the fringe..I am so glad Ryder is like that too!
4...Ryder understand that often times life is hard. He has a grown soul. I love this picture because you can see the depth of his heart in his eyes (Grandad Norman is with him in the pic). Even when he was little he was always mature. It was like he was born with an old man's soul. He gets the real point of life and and weed out trial things from important things. Jesus was always showing people that something were more important than others....I am glad Ryder is like that too!

5...Ryder is so compassionate. Here Ryder is swinging Regan at the park. He is always making sure Regs is okay....we all know this is a gift from God so nuf said on that!

6...Ryder is a reader. He loves a great story. He loves to read just about anything he can get his eyes on. Here he and Andy are reading Harry Potter while all of Andy's wedding guests are waiting inside for his arrival. I love that Jesus uses stories to teach Ryder so many things about himself.
7...He knows the value of a good friend. Our friends from Dallas, the Werch's came to visit and he was so excited to seem them. No matter how many miles and our how much time comes in between a friendship he seems to know that they are valuable. Jesus loved his friends too...I am so glad Ryder is like that.

8...He is crazy. His personality is so funny! He is always making a funny comment or striking a crazy pose. He makes me laugh. Jesus uses Ryder all the time to draw a smile. Here he is with Nana and Rylee being silly after a long day in the sun.

9.... Ryder still loves legos....I don't know but I think there might be legos in heaven...hours of creative fun!10...Ryder is a great student. Here he is with his favorite teacher from 5th grade. Ryder loves to learn...he loves history. I am glad that he loves to learn. To be a disciple of Jesus is to be a learner of Jesus. No true disciple can check their brain at the door.

11...Mostly I am just glad I get to call him son. This picture was taken this summer at a Peria Chief's game. My birthday prayer for him is that he know Jesus and be known in him.

Happy Birthday Boy! We love you so much.

"Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate." Ps 127.4-5


shannon said...

okay. i am crying. that is the sweetest blog ever. we love you ryder! happy bday! as garrett says, you're going to be a great man someday! (you already are a great man, but i love that he says that about you). chantell, i love the way you recorded ryder's life thus far!

Mandy said...

that was sooo great! i can't believe how much i've even seen him grow up while you have been in IL, but he definitely does have "an old man's soul". So happy birthday to ryder today and so glad you shared this!

Alison said...

I love your blog. We're definitley praying for your family up north.

Lisa B said...
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Lisa B said...

I love your blogs Chantel, they're always so great to read. That picture of you two at the end is precious. Happy Birthday Ryder!

Brookelyn said...

I can't believe he's 11. He's very handsome. You both have done a great job raising such a wonderful Christ-filled family.

God bless-

Hi-d-Ho said...

That was so inspiring and know it took a long time to do. Thanks for sharing and I know he's going to be mighty (already is) in the Kingdom! Happy birthday little man!

Dixie said...

Just testing

Dixie said...

I am a bit behind on my reading, but I just finished reading your birthday tribute to you little son. It was so refreshing to me. I was wondering if I might "steal" a few of your ideas for my little grandson. He's having a hard time right now...being a typical 12 y/o. He's very inquisitive, active, daring, fearless, wise beyond years, compassionate, loving, helpful, lazy at times, aggressive at times, quarrelsome with his siblings, disrespectful to his mother and others, always needing to get the last word in, handsome (reminds me of Ryder), lover of God, precious little boy. I thought if I could put something together like you to give to him, it might make him feel a bit better about himself.
I pray for you and your family and thank God that He placed little Regan in the middle of your family!
I connect to you through Sue/Larry Gilliland...and I'm also an Illini, transplanted in Kansas!

Mills Family said... can use whatever you need