Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A few pics

I thought I would update with a few pics....First big thing is Rylee got her expander out and her braces off....She looks so old.

Here are the kids with their dad before church on father's day....at Starbucks....So cool..So glad they are mine.
Brian also got his sushi for Father's Day. Happy Dad....happy family.

Rylee with Kohen...Julie's baby....A baby sitter in the making...He seems to like her. He must now she loves Regan too!


randsmadden said...

Love the pictures. You are blessed family. I love reading your blog. You are such an inspiration. I always knew you were an amazing woman. I'm praying for you to continue to filled with God's peace and strength. I will pray an extra prayer tomorrow as I'm sure tomorrow will be a day of remembering. Love you!

Julie said...

Saturday night after we got back from your house I had a long talk with Kohen while I was feeding him...I told a lot of Regan stories. Usually he cries through feedings. This time he ate so peacefully while his momma cried and recalled Regan's little life so well lived. As he grows up I want him to know all about your sweet girl. Regan will always be dear to our family, and we'll remember her.