Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ryder's Poem

Hi! This is Ryder! I wrote this poem while I was mowing our lawn. It is about Life, Death, and Love. I dedicate this Poem to Regan Faith Mills, My sweet little angel, and my Ray called Day.

The Ray Called Day

There is a Ray,
it is called Day.
But in the Day,
I cannot stay.
For Blue skies will turn to Gray,
So in silent vigil I lay.
If you are weary,
Here you will stay.
Wrapped in my arms till May.
And when no more is Gray,
All will be Day.
Then, in the Ray
we will stay,
Forever in the light of Day.

Ryder D. Mills
October 22, 2008
Age: 12


Candra said...

Nice work, Ryder. Keep up the writing.

Danielle said...

Good Job Ryder!!!

Ashley said...

I love your poem Ryder!
-Ashley Giblin

shannon said...

I LOVE it Ryder! It gave me the chills, made my nose burn and brought tears to my eyes...does that signify a great poem or what!? thank you for sharing. I love you, Miss Shannon

amyjo said...

very insightful, Ryder--good job!

Vera Lu said...

I feel so blessed by your talents, Ryder. This poem dished up a portion of your heart to each of us.
I love you...Grandma Vera