Friday, August 21, 2009

Top Dogs 09

Today Ryder started 8th grade. Rylee started 5th. These are both the highest grades there schools go to. I am excited to see them grow as leaders this year. Brian and I took them to school but first we went to McDonald's for breakfast. This is not the breakfast of champions but it was cheep.

Rylee has the same teacher that Ryder had Mr Lanning. So they are looking forward to a rocking year!

This is our last year to have a student in elementary school. So this makes me tear up a little. Not as bad as I used to....I still cry for those kindergarten mom. I remember how sad that was for me. I anticipate next year to be a tough year. I will have one in Junior High and one in High School.

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Vera Lu said...

It was wonderful to talk to you both this morning....the new clothes are stunning...and that nail'm jealous. It will be a great you...