Sunday, August 02, 2009

Often times I think about the power of a question. My dad first asked my mom on a date after buying a 5cent comb from her (she worked as a soda jerk at a drug store). I wouldn't be here if she wouldn't have answered yes to that question.

One of the most important questions we ever answer is..."Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ Son of the Living God."

I have several college girls and some high school girls who have made there way through my home. Our relationship started with me asking me to be in my small group. They challenge me. They make me strive to be all I can be. I know they are watching me. I want to be a good model.

Some friendships are sparked by "Would you like to come over for dinner?" Maybe "Would you like to go out for a coke?" I have great relationships that started this way.Jesus walked around asking questions all the time. He even answered questions that were given to Him by asking another question.

I have been forgiven of a lot. "Will you forgive me?" Such a hard thing to ask. Such a hard thing to answer. Can I really forgive that.....?....them?.....myself...? especially when I keep doing what I ask forgiveness for.

This summer I have been thinking about how much my life changed because a young man asked me to marry him. Our son just turned 13.....He never would have done that if his dad had not asked, "Chantell, will you marry me?" Everyday I chose to love that guy. Man I am glad he asked.

Some questions change your life....some for the better....some not. I keep thinking..."Will you take up your cross daily and follow me?" Man now that is a hard question. It is the most difficult. I am pretty good at picking it up every other day but sometimes I just need a day off. But no...."today will you pick it up?"


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kelly0123 said...

I love your blog im a newer viewer but keep bloging thats the thing that i see that you faimily can defifently tell a story.