Friday, June 15, 2007


When I think of father's day I think of legacy. It was great to have my dad was just here visiting this past week. He taught me to be kind to people who are struggling. My dad is a big guy but his heart is even bigger. I love big because he taught me to. He taught me to feed people. Friday night we had nacho night. We eat nachos from my Granny's (his mother's) pie pans. I can't make great pie in those pie pans but I make a mean nacho. When I entertain and feed people I always think of him. He is always generous. He gives and does without. I aspire to be that kind of person. He loves my mom. I suppose that is the great gift he ever gave me...a great love to aspire to.

My husband is a great dad. I could go on and on about how great he is but I try to save that for phone calls with my mother in law Vera. I figure the only person about side of our family of five that I can go on and on about him and it isn't bragging. A mom always wants to hear about all the great things her son is up to. Our Father's Day was great. Brian got a work bench for the garage and a small scrapbook. We took it easy...Church, lunch, nap (while the kids and I swam), and games. Brian always reaches out to the person on the fringe. He has passed this on to our kids. They are great about making sure everyone has a place. Brian is a great listener...he has taught me to be a better one. He is also a great communicator. Not just from the stage but in life. He is always explaining things to the kids and to me...simple things and complicated things. I aspire to be like that.

This is a bit of the legacy I received and a slice of the one I am creating. Happy Father's Day.

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Tammy said...

You are blessed.
Hey, it's good to reconnect with you guys. Thanks for finding my new little blog site. It's been fun. Try for other stuff about the mission. I'll email you the login and password. Love you Chantell and all the beautiful Mills!
We're praying for you.