Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reg's is Six!

This morning we began our celebration of Regan..her birthday is today...the first day of summer. We are so proud of her. So glad she is hanging in there. We have a tradition of waking the birthday boy/girl up by bringing all their gifts to their room and opening them. But this doesn't always work with Regan because if she doesn't want to wake up you can't make her (she has been known to sleep through her bath and dressing!) So early this morning Brian and I were discussing what we should do today..and she began to sing and chooo. So we decided to try. First I got in bed with Regan and snuggled with her for a while. It was great because she was giving me great eye contact. Then Rylee did the same. Finally we brought in a few of her gifts but she started to get tired so we will save the rest for later. The big kids and I are taking her swimming this morning from 11-1p during the preschool swim time. Then this afternoon we we will rest and tonight a few families are coming over to celebrate her special day with her. Instead of brining gifts we have asked them to bring toys that can go in treat bags that we will take to St John's on Friday. There are around 25 kids staying their now so we will have a lil' bag of fun for them. This is a fun way to celebrate Regan.

It seems amazing that we have made it to this day. It is really a miracle. I am amazed by what God is doing. Sunday in church we sang a song that said, "You are the Lord the Famous One the Famous One Great is Your name in all the Earth. ...The morning star is shining through and every eye is watching You." Very true..I feel these six small years have caused people to declare that God is Great..they have been used to spread His fame throughout the earth. ..they have caused people to LOOK to the Lord.

Tears seem to flow easily over the last few days....especially now. I love that little one with all of me...More than I should probably. Rylee said a couple of days ago that this birthday kinda makes her sad because it is probably the last one we will get to celebrate with her. Her card to her said, "Life is Short. Pray Hard! Regan I give you this card because your life is short. Love, Your Sister Rylee." After she read it to her she looked up and said, "Well, all our lives are short really."

One of Regan's friend's Danielle (8yrs old) told her mom that she knew that God was alive because Regan is alive. It seems that Regan is giving us a gift on her birthday....just simply being with us. No gift we could give her could match we will give her what we can..our time, love and devotion instead.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Regan! I hope you have fun celebrating this day with her and that your trip to St. John's with the presents blesses a lot of families!I love you guys!

Julie said...

Happy birthday, sweetness!

'becca said...

Happy 6th Regs! Thanks for having our family over to celebrate. What a fun way to spend our evening. We all love you!

Tiffany said...

Uncle Paul, Aunt T, Brennan and Ashlyn are thinking of you. I always think your first day of summer birthday is so appropriate because you bring sunshine to so many lives. We love you and can't wait to see you next week.

Hi-d-Ho said...

Praise God, Happy Birthday! What a beautiful life.