Saturday, June 09, 2007

Raccoons, books and bacon

Regan has had a great week. So Julie came and had a sleepover with Regan while the Big kids, Brian and I went camping overnight. It was great fun. We also camped with a family of raccoons. About 6 to be exact. At one point I pointed the flash light towards the forest and counted six pairs of red eyes staring at me....they are unmoved by people so you just have to get over it and get used to it.

At 9pm or so last night the four of us sat with our books in comfy chairs by a toasty campfire and each had a book in our lap. Rylee's reading Charlotte's Web, I'm Reading Harry Potter #6, Ryder the Han's Solo Trilogy, and Brian is reading Everyday Theology. Brian said, "We are Nerds!" It is true but it was good.

This morning we made breakfast burritos on the camp fire. Eggs, bacon, cheese all wrapped in a tortilla. I can't reveal all the details because Brian's mom would faint from knowing it all but it was the stuff movies are inspired from. Bacon grease on an open flame...we learned a lot and will do better next time. It tasted excellent!

Thanks for all the prayer...I would have never imagined that Regan would be so well that we could leave her for even one night. We feel like she is our little miracle girl. She was all smiles yesterday every time we told her Julie was coming to stay the night....who doesn't love a sleep over with their best friend. And as Brian said last night around our campfire, "If Julie isn't Regan's best friend then I don't know what a best friend is." Amen to that.

My folks are coming today! It will be great to have them here and for them to see Regan doing so well. The last time they were here she was in a very bad place. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Vera Lu said...

Maybe your "Home on the Range" recipe for breakfast burritos will appear in the next edition of our family cookbook. I don't faint so easily these days since I've learned there actually are effective ways to use bacon grease. I do also realize that emergency substitutions in the "wild" can put a good story on the best seller list! I'm just hoping it didn't have anything to do with kerosene. It's so great to hear that Regan is having some good days and we are so thankful for angel Julie. Enjoy the visit with your folks! Love you all....