Monday, June 25, 2007

Regan's Birthday in Review.

Birthday Party crew out on the back deck of our house....getting ready to make Regan's gift.

Regan's Birthday was great! We delivered 26 bags to St John's. They were very appreciative and we all felt honored to get to make them. All the kids had a good time playing together and making the bags. This picture was taken by my friend Becca. Regan loved swimming, too! She swam for an hour and a half and just relaxed. Ryder and Rylee enjoyed getting to be in the water with her. Brian came for a few minutes over lunch the lunch hour and snapped some photos with my friend Shannon's camera. Thanks for all your prayers she was very awake most of Thursday and Friday. I know that was God's gift to us.

We have felt strong emotion over the last few days just thinking about our sweet Regan. She slept most of Saturday and Sunday. We hate to see her so tired but we are glad she can rest as much as she needs to.

Regan received many phone calls, cards, emails and gifts from many of you. She says thank you...mostly for being faithful to the journey with us. We pray that God will rest these memories deep within our hearts and minds. Memories of your faithful friendship, Regan's strength and what hope feels like.


Mandy said...

awww yay! happy belated birthday to regs!!! i'm glad she had fun and what a great way to celebrate her life!

JennG said...

Happy Belated Bday Regan! You and your family are an inspiration to us all!

Stacey said...

What a blessing! I am thankful for her life and your family... how very sweet to celebrate 6 years. You are in our thought and prayers!

Dan & Tammy said...

I thought about her all week her birthday week! I can't believe she's 6!! I loved hearing about the way you celebrated! Love to your family.