Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update on Tuesday

OH the face of this sweet baby....we had a big day yesterday. So I thought I should update everyone and this is my favorite photo of her so I had to put it in.

We saw her Nutritionist, Cybil, Regan has gained 1 lb and 3 oz in the past three weeks. That is really great...we are going to continue with the changes we have made to try to get her weight up. So that was good news. We want to continue on this track...Cybil does a great job figuring out all the details.

We also saw her pulmanologist Dr Johnson. She passed her over night test that they ran a few weeks ago that show that she does not have any significant sleep apnea. He thinks she is doing better than they expected. We will continue doing what we are doing. He is a very nice man.

We also saw Dr Karkos who is a special needs specialist. She went on and on about how much better Regan looked than the last time she saw her in April....that is good! She made several suggestions that will all be helpful for the everyday care of Regan. She is such a blessing.

This appointment took a long time but we are always glad to get a lot done at one visit.
Please continue to pray for her strength. She is awake more than she was....we have reduced her keppra to a lower dose and that seems to have helped. Her seizures are up and down but are more severe than they have been in a few minutes. This was going on before the reduction of the keppra so we don't think they are related.
School as started we are so glad...Ryder and Rylee are loving life...such a blessing. Ryder loves Junior seems he like all the responsibility.
He has some new extra curricular activities that he is enjoying. This was their first day of school picture. (We have entered the don't make me smile in every picture phase.)
Rylee loves her teacher and is excited about seeing her friends. She loves Math and is considering playing Volley Ball this fall. We will keep you updated on that!
Brian is getting in the groove at work. Learning so much and reaching to be all God wants him to be. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
We feel strengthened for the journey.


Sallie said...

I am blessed to read about your family and their strength of character and love being shown. God bless you!


shannon said...

I love, love, love that picture of Regan!!!!

Julie said...

That picture of Regan is fantastic!

Tiffany said...

Ashlyn said, "that is a great picture of Regan, she looks so sweet!"

velvet said...

YEA! So glad to read the good report. Your kids are amazing. I look at Ryder and Rylee and can only wonder how much wisdom and love those kids have that they don't even know. Seeing you guys would be such a blessing, but I guess I'll have to take what I can from the blog :)