Friday, January 18, 2008

100% to the Extreme

Just a quick update to let you know that Regan is doing much better. Today is is on nothing but room air and stating at 100%...Regan is an extreme girl.
(Regan is with her cousin Terren at Christmas!)

She has gotten significantly better in the last two day (since the last blog update) so I am thinking I need to ask you to pray about her seizures. She has been having a lot the last couple days. She had 7 yesterday and already four today...Regan is an extreme girl.

We serve an extreme God so if you could request a break from these nasty things we would appreciate it. But when you go to Him...thank if for this day 100% to the extreme.

I am extremely tired of running an ICU. Brian and I need a break. So we are going on a date! Lil will be with the kiddos. Ryder asked Regan this morning if she was excited to see Julie and Regan smiled. Then he asked her if she was excited about Lil coming over tonight while mom and dad go out and she smiled. (All kids love a babysitter because they are extreme fun!) Kyle, Lil's boyfriend (seen in photo to the right) is going to stop over to see them all. Ryder asked Regan if she was excited about Kyle coming over and Regan did nothing. So he asked her if Regan knew who Kyle was and Regan shook her head no...Ryder then asked her if it was sorta weird to think about Lil having a boyfriend and Regan smiled. Ryder told her it was weird for him too! Ryder called this intelligent conversation vs the spiritual conversations we usually have with our sweet girl. Regan is an extreme girl!
(note that in the picture Ryder and Rylee are in the center of Li's attention and Kyle is distracted by video games....This is the way my children like it...being in the center of attention while boyfriends are distracted by image on a screen.)

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KimG said...

Hope you all had a wonderful night! I am definitely praying about Regan's seizures and thankful for the time you and she have together growing all the wiser!