Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a Walk

It is sorta a funny thing that the person who continues to teach me how to walk close to Christ doesn't walk...she rolls. In times when Regan is needing more care (like now) one of the upsides is that I get to spend more time with her. I learn a lot from being with her. The girls who help me take care of her call it "Regan Therapy." She sorta helps you sort out your stuff because she is a great listener and she never tells what you say. She never says things that are insensitive or that you should just get over it or that you are over reacting and she never asks you if you are getting ready to start your period. (Even though she may be thinking it!.) She just listens. Sometimes she smiles. Sometimes she sleeps....she lets you sit with it. Somehow knowing that she has walked a difficult journey you find comfort in her presence....She is so full of the Holy Spirit's power that he uses her to minister to me....

In her weakness I am reminded of mine. But because Christ is so strong in her you think...maybe he could be strong in me to? Am I able to accept that Christ has called me to give up everything in order to gain my life? Regan seems to have found that groove....
funny thing....the medicine that she is on that is keeping her secretions to a minimum...and in this lack keep her alive...this med was only given to her when she was told she wouldn't live another day. She had to almost literally lose her life to gain a better life back. So this makes me wonder what do I have to give up to get a better life in Christ? Thanks Reg's!

She is still needing lots of breathing treatments but no fever...today seemed a little better than yesterday.....please keep praying for us. Pray for strength...and clarity! Oh, and that Regan would get better. I praise God for you...I wish each of you could have some time with her....maybe someday when we are all Gathered together with Jesus she can tell us stories. I think that might be her theme in Glory. I know she will testify of His greatness in her. How He made her weak because He was strong....I think while she is telling us she will be walking and talking...talking and walking. (I hope we can all keep up!)

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