Monday, March 03, 2008

Chantell, Pay Attention!

When I was a child often I would hear "are you paying attention" or sometimes it was "Chantell, pay attention!" This was usually because I was trying to do too many things at once, which was probably watch TV and cut carrots or watch TV and tie my shoes, or even watch TV and fold cloths, or watch TV and do my homework. Our TV was always on and I always wanted to watch it. So, the thing I was suppose to be doing wasn't getting my full attention because I was distracted by TV.

I am a mom now and I say "are you listening to me?" or sometimes it is "Ryder, pay attention to what you are doing!" We don't keep our TV on all the time BUT there are lots of things to distract them from what they are suppose to be focusing on like ipods, books, wanting to pay outside, sometimes TV, getting in too big of a hurry. Then the thing that they are suppose to be giving their full attention to like homework, folding cloths, cleaning their room or family time get shorted because they are distracted.

I have to admit that sometimes I am not paying attention either. I feel the Holy Spirit say "Are you listening to me?" or "Chantell pay attention to what I am doing here!" God said in Matthew 17 "This is my son, I am pleased with Him, Listen to Him." Jesus would often tell stories to explain truth and when he would explain the truth because they didn't always pay attention and they would not get the point, He would say "Listen and understand" or maybe "He who has ears let him hear." This isn't about ears or even that they weren't listening it is that were weren't REALLY paying attention. Not just going through the motions of life but picking up on the subtle realities that God is wanting to show us. When we clue in to what is really going on and not just taking everything at face value. When we move aside the distractions that keep up from giving our full attention to what our main goal in life have relationship with The Father.

As an adult I am often frustrated by my own mind as my greatest distraction. I can't see and hear all that God has for me because my own self absorbed ego and paranoid mind get in the way. I am always working to push them aside to let in the voice of God. This is partial way scripture is so important. It becomes the voice of truth and the bases for all the experiences in life. My full attention on it makes me less distracted and better able to experience kids, my husband, my friends, cutting carrots, folding cloths the way God wants me to.

I feel like this is one of my lessons of this years Lent. I hear Jesus saying "Listen up attention to what is going on here... don't get hung up on this thing over here.... what is going on is deeper than that....listen to me and understand....we have been over this before but you weren't paying attention....are you ready this time to give me your full attention....listen to me.....listen for me....listen."

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