Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wisdom is Perennial

My friend Amy talked about her plants coming up in her hard. It made me look and low and behold there were mine. I think this is funny because you can see the dog poop right beside pretty green steams that will soon have blooms for color. This makes me have hope that new life can come even right beside the dog poop in my life even when it is cloudy and cold and it feels like winter will never be over.

Mostly this reminds me of something that I heard a while ago that has recently sprung up in my mind. Wisdom is Perennial. Wisdom takes root underground and springs up when you need it. It comes back year after year, even though you can forget about it in the winter times in life. Usually wisdom brings hope of new life. So it is important to gain wisdom...it is beneficial for so many things. I am thankful for the wise people in my life who feed me wisdom...wither it is through the Word of God, various books, watching great wise people live, personal mentoring, or relationships...or other means...I appreciate them. I am glad they plant seeds in the sometimes not so wonderful soil of my heart. You can trust that Wisdom is Perennial and you will someday see the fruit of it in my life. Some of it might take a little longer than others.

I am in a season of tending to some rocks and paths and thorny bushes that have developed my by heart. Making it more possible for hope to spring forth. For life to come from this winter going on in my soul. My little flowers are giving me hope that if it could happen in my back hard maybe it could happen in my heart too.

Regan is doing great. She and I are having a great week. Thanks for praying for us.


amyjo said...

the dog poop analogy is great--so like real life!

KimG said...

All the more reason NOT to have a dog. Breanna asks me practically every week if we can get a dog! Glad you're having a great week!

Hi-d-Ho said...

Chantell--you are so deep! You turn DOG DOO into Doctrine! I absolutely LOVE your blogs and I'm glad to hear you'all are doing great!