Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Update

We spent Easter with the "other Mills Family" in KC. Brian's brother Paul and his wife Tiffany and their three kids were our hosts. We went to Celebrate this year of HOPE we have experienced together. Mostly we love to be together to spend time Spurring eachother we celebrated JESUS and His life that goes on and on. We also celebrated what God has done amazing things through Regan's life but also he sent us Liam.YES we are IN LOVE with this little guy. Oh, he makes us remember that God can do things we thought would never happen. God does BIG things sometimes...things like bring life back that we thought would end and bring brand new life when we thought that season of life was over. Being with Liam and Regan on Easter blessed me because I hear God when I see them.
We couldn't get enough. Look at HIM....wouldn't you want to kiss him, hold him, change him, simply look at him...what a great boy. The kids also got to feed baby cows at Tiffany's parent's house. They hosted us for Easter. It was a great time. Like I said...nothing like an Easter where you celebrate new life.....even the life of a cow.


amyjo said...

that's a great family picture of you guys!

Clint said...

Wow!!! What a great family. You guys look good. Brian, you got OLD! If y'all need haircut money, just call. I'm there for you.

KimG said...

I agree... that's a good pic of y'all. BTW, Cailey was baptized on Easter (also her birthday). It was quite a day for her.