Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Miracle

After I updated on the progress yesterday Regan took a few steps back. So please continue to pray for her. We are continuing with breathing treatments every two hours 24 hours a day. Please pray specifically for her body to fight without having such a difficult time with the fever. We know fever works for us but this is a lot of work.

I am reminded today of the Lepers in Luke 17 who cried out with a LOUD voice..."Jesus, Master, have pity on us!" I cry out the same way. Last night sometime after midnight and before four as I struggled to rest while laying on Regan's bedroom floor (I am really too old to sleep on the floor) BUT as I laid there I was reminded of the importance of faith. My mind was going through the check list and I thought,"Am I doing all I can for her" and "I want to do more to help her...what can I do." I ended up at nothing. I am doing all I can. So that left me that that all too familiar place as I felt the Spirit remind me that now faith and prayer would be my nights work. In these moments I have no I began to sing Come thou Fount, Be thou my Vision, This is my Father's World, In Christ Alone, How Great is our God, It is Well... I pray these songs because they increase my faith, the remind me of truth, they are full of good theology. Eventually I find myself at peace...not total peace but I found some peace as I trust in HIS ability because I can not trust my own. I trust in HIS help because my help is full of holes. I found my self experiencing a what faith feels like and that is a miracle.

Garrett Maupin prayed last night that we would feel rested today even without a lot of sleep. He also told his mom, Shannon, how glad he was that Regan has lived so long because if she had not he would not have known her (he has only known her the past year and a half) and he said, "I am really glad I know her." Me too Garrett, today I am praising God for all that God teaches me because she is in my life. Thanks for your prayers.


Tiffany said...

Praying with you.
Much Love,
Uncle Paul Aunt T and cousins

Julie said...

You all with Regan have been teachers for us, especially since we've been dealing with our little guy. I truly believe that being a part of Regan's life has equipped us to be better servants, friends and parents.

Regan is a Kingdom worker!

We love you and our hearts are with you.

Please tell Regan I love her. Pickles and I are praying.