Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday's Update

Regan seems much better today. Her fever is responding to motrin and her breathing seems less labored. She is coughing some. So we are trying to suction up what we can. The coughs aren't as productive as we would like. But all in all she is much better than Friday and some better than yesterday.

Please continue to pray for her. She doesn't like all the suction and neither to we.....Brian stayed home with her this morning while I took the big kids to church. Brian is preaching tonight so I will stay home with her while he goes. Rylee's friend Kate is over playing this afternoon. Ryder is playing at his buddy Garrett's house. My heart feels lighter as her breathing is easier. We continue breathing treatments every two hours....I'll let you know more on Monday. Thanks for always praying...always encouraging...always remembering....

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Leanne said...

We wanted to let you know we are praying for Regan and your whole family, along with our S.S. Class.

Glad to hear there is an improvement from the last couple of days.