Thursday, May 03, 2007 an whole new way.

I thought I would type a quick update...Regan continues to be breathing on her own. It is pretty amazing to see. I finally feel like this week I can leave her and not be continually worrying about her. It feels good to be able to be with her and not be wondering. Ryder has a crazy week so Regan is just coming along to be apart of her brother's big adventures. We are his biggest fans! (We might even be groupies?)

I just got back all the pictures we took a month ago...the picture that we thought would be our last family of five picture. It was a pose we have made a million times. We all knew exactly where to was so familiar at such an unfamiliar moment. I think that is what we are trying to do now. Go about life in a familiar pose even though this is an unfamiliar time. We find ourselves experience great joy during these weeks. I have an expectation of them all summer long. I picture all of us swimming, camping, setting out on our back deck in the early morning listening to the birds and reading. Celebrating Regan's birthday on June 21. I see us doing all the things that are familiar to us. Yet enjoying them in a unfamiliar way. Be blessed today.

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April said...

You all are beautiful...with all of those curls, how did Rylee get straight hair??