Monday, May 14, 2007

To great women

I read this great quote recently.
To great women.. "To being one, knowing some, and raising them." I keep thinking of this all weekend. I had the great honor of watching six women who had been in my Spiritual Formation Group graduate on Saturday. My heart beamed with pride as each of them crossed the stage. Three of them are going foreign missions (Africa, New Zealand and a Destination Unknown). Two of them our business majors and one will be a school teacher in a public school. I got to talk to my mother and my mentor on the phone this weekend. I spend time with friends this weekend who are great women. I got some good time in with my girls! All great women at various places on their journey...they have all helped me become who I am today. I think about all the women in my life that are great mothers and the list goes on and on. They are married, single, divorced but all of them strive to be the woman God made them to be...they work hard at it. They inspire me in big and small ways to become a great woman and to not grow weary at doing what is good. These women have spoken into me throughout my life and God has used them to change me and make me who I am today. I was raised by one of the there is hope for me yet! Thanks to you....We need more great woman. So, today the day after mother's day....
To great women.. "To being one, knowing some, and raising them."

Ps Regan continues to struggle with her breathing...there is lots of suction going on around here. It is round the clock vigilance to keep her stats us. Praise God for all oxygen tanks, breathing treatments, and meds that help her do all that she needs to do.

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Vera Lu said...

There is no greater inspiration to the rest of us than the fortitude you display through your Christian "woman-ness".
Love you...miss you....