Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Long and Short of it.....

This week is a short week because Ryder, Rylee and Regan don't have school either Monday or Friday. I am having a garage sale tomorrow and Friday. It won't be big but I have a few things I want out!

Regan had a 45 minute seizure on Saturday evening. She had several that day so we decided to give her a special medicine we have for just these occasions. It is like Valium and we give it to her rectally. She can only take it a couple times a month because it is so strong and you can grow immune it if you use it to much. So, it worked and it knocked her out of the seizures and it also relaxed her chest so she is breathing easier now too. She has actually been off oxygen since Sunday. Praise God for that!

I've been thinking lately about how these days since Regan has been born have been long days. When you don't sleep much and you go hard when you are awake it makes the days seem long. Regan has had some long days ....the days must be long when you throw up all day,
cry all day because your shoulder sockets hurt because your shoulders sublux all the time,
your hip comes out of place for the tenth time,
you have fifteen seizures in one day,
your chest hurts from breathing so hard,
you pass your fourth kidney stone,
your muscles hurt, your head hurts,
my heart hurts watching all this happen. Regan has had some long days.....

Yet the years seem too short. It seems like only yesterday that we brought her to church for the first time (picture above) and dedicated her to God for His keeping all of her years. Little did we know how much help we would need. I must admit lately I just keep thinking I want more time...more years! Sometimes it makes me just plain mad at the few we may get. Six years just isn't enough. I. I am sure my mom would say it only seems like yesterday that I was six too! I think this is a feeling all mothers have about their children.

This morning Rylee and I were with Regan in her room while she had a seizure. Rylee of course made it there before me..she always hears them and response quickly. After a minute or so I said Rylee you should finish getting ready. She said, I just need to help her through this. Oh, how true that statement is...."we" just need to help her through. There is something about Regan that makes you need to be with her, need to help her, need to simply be....I'm glad we three girls have had each other these years. Though they are short they have been blessed
When the seizure was done...Regan looked up at Rylee and smiled. Rylee pretended to steal her nose, kissed her on her forehead and went on to brush her teeth.
................Long days and short years....blessed time.


'becca said...

I am sorry that she has had some rough times. I will pray extra special prayers for her. Love you and your sweet family. Tell her that E and C send thier love.

Thanks for calling Jennifer for me! You are a great friend.

Mandy said...

I didn't realize your weekend was so rough...I'm sorry for Regan's long seizure, but it's great to hear she's doing better now!

I didn't know you were having a garage sale either! Do you want/need any help tomorrow? I'd be glad to come help! I should have put some stuff out to sell too! Call or text me or something!

Julie said...

Look at those beautiful Mills girls!

Amanda said...

We are blessed to have mothers like you, Chan. I'm sorry it was a terrible weekend for Regs. I'm thinking about you all and love you!

Hi-d-Ho said...

Thank you for the blessings of sharing stories like that. So true...long days...but Oh how I praise God we have days! We love you.

velvet said...

I was pleasantly surprised to get your comment on my blog, and at the same time embarassed. I've had some friends challenge me to be a little deeper, but when I come to your blog and read your stories, I am compelled to celebrate your victories, share your pain and learn valuable love lessons. What God teaches me seems so very personal, or perhaps I'm just not willing to make myself vulnerable. Well, probably too much info for a blog comment, but I'm glad you found me, and my dear friend. Sounds like you guys are having quite the ho-down up there! "Hello" to the Maupins. You should all bring your party to Colorado soon!

velvet said...

Correction: Y'ALL should bring your party to Colorado soon!