Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Value of Family

We had another full weekend as this time of year usually is. We have been helping the Maupin's get their house ready. Rylee had her Spring Concert at church. We celebrated a upcoming wedding with a Shower for our Abby. Brian did lots of house projects for me. This marks two weeks for no oxygen for Regan. What a blessing! What a miracle!

I wish I could give you some pictures to look at but Ryder knocked my camera out of my hand today and Brian ran it over with the van. In this moment I was very mad. Ryder says I gave him that "You are going to die boy" look. I was speechless! I was shocked! I was mad! My camera was crushed. Those of you who know me well and know my home is covered in snap shots. I am a picture junky.....

Ryder is a sweet boy..a typical first born who hates to have anyone upset at him. He immediately apologized but honestly there is nothing that an "I sorry" can do in this situation. I know he is sorry and that he didn't mean to do it. But it doesn't change anything. My camera is crushed. When he apologized he said, "I know it doesn't help but I am sorry and if I were you I would still be mad at me too." It was a hard moment. I had to decide. Would I stay mad. When I am honest I wanted to. But it was just a camera. I told him I needed a few minutes to cool down. Then he and I talked about the value of a strong family. We have always taught our kids that people are more valuable than anything material. So, always share and make sure your heart is for the human not the thing. Boy that is easier said than done. I told him, "This is one of those moments Ryder when you learn that even though I am really mad at you I still love you and I think you are great; we are okay even though I am not okay."

I am often reminded at how difficult not coming from a stable home lives. So many of our students at LCC come from homes where their parents were horrible to them. It it those students who pop in my mind in moments like this. When I want to let my flesh win because I want to feel better. When I want to say something that will make him understand just how upset I am. I remember those students faces and I remember, I never want to say or do anything that will make my children think I don't love them.

It is a good reminder that it is in the home that we learn to love people, forgive people and learn to move on when we make mistakes. Inside our family is where we will fail, where we learn to cope, and then where we learn to build strategies for change. I know many of you who read this blog are mom's...What a great thing to be reminded of this week of Mother's Day. Our families are where are children learn how to live in the world, in their local communities, in their own families some day and ultimately within the body of Christ. Our families should inspire our children to want to find that kind of love in a mate and eventually make another family that creates this environment. This is the value of family.... not something dress up, be our little accessory, or build up for our own little ego or power struggles....the Family is Kingdom work.


mrsknewman said...

AMEN Chantell!! So true, just when we think we are teacing our children we realize they are teaching us. We must start in our home that is where the battle is for satan knows if he can divide the home it will not stand! Im so glad I found your blog Your word help me so much. Thank you for sharing. our blog is

Suzanne said...

Thanks Chantell. I needed that reminder to watch how I react to my kids. I never want to damage their feelings of security, but I'm afraid sometimes my impulse reactions are not honorable. I am thankful we are not stuck with the weight of our sin and that we have the ability to get it off ourselves and leave it at the Cross. And we and our children can then learn about forgiveness at the same time. Love you!

Julie said...

I hope I am so gracious when my some-day child causes my camera to be crushed by my some-day mini van driven by my current but slightly older husband.
You are blessing untold future generations through your children! Too bad you won't have as many pictures of them as you might have had!;)