Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Week with Children's Miracle Network

Many of you know that our family is a part of the Children's Miracle Network family. This year Ryder and Rylee with a lot of help from my mom and dad raised almost $700 for CMN as Change Bandits. They were acknowledged as second place fundraisers at the Change Bandit Bash. Here is a picture of our family with El Bandito the mascot for the Change Bandit Program.

Earlier this year Ryder was also asked to draw a picture to be in the CMN 2008 calander. We picked up copies of it today that you can purchase for $10. If you email me or call me I can mail them to you. Ryder's art marks November of 2008. He did a great job. Here he is posed with the framed art which was on auction today at St John's.
This morning we were also on the teleathon for WBDR's radioathon for CMN. We are so glad to support the efforts at St John's and CMN. If you want to listen to Regan's Time on the telethon you can click on this link and listen. Just go to look for Regan's Story. They had a whip expert there and he whip a flower in half that was in Ryder's mouth and also another one on his head. I think this picture says it all. All the folks at St John's do so much to help our family. We are so glad to get the word out and raise some support for them. We praise God for how He provides help for us through them.


'becca said...

is that a latte i see in ryder's hand? waht fun to hear aobut this last night ~ you all are an amazing family! LOVE -

Stacy Peacock said...

Um Sesleigh goes to Dr. McKenna (but we have actually only seen his nurse practinioner, Becky) in the pavilion at St. John's. I read a book this summer called "A New Normal" or something like that. It was awesome and when all this with my heart and Sesleigh urologic problems started that book was the only thing I could think about. I'll have to go find the book though to tell you who it's by...anywho, I better get back to work-lunch is almost over!