Sunday, November 04, 2007

Things that comfort me

This morning Regan and I are home by ourselves. Brian is teaching Sunday School at West Side Christian Church in Springfield, IL Ryder and Rylee went to church. Regan is still struggling with her breathing so she, I and Moby staying home. So we have been discussing some great truths that connect us to the body. We decided that these things bring us great comfort.

That one day all people will confess Jesus. What a day that will be! All people every nation, who claim many different languages, through out all time in history will confess Jesus. Even people who on earth did not have the ability to talk! We long for that gathering. Come Lord Jesus come!

All the struggle will be over. Creation will have the rest of it's redemption and will rest. This week I am tired so I long for a day when fatigue will be no more. I think Regan will be glad not to have to work so hard for a single breathe. She is doing better than she was. Praise God for that. We continue to do breathing treatments around the clock though we are adding in some breaks here and there. Mostly we are practicing our trust in God do sustain her by His power. I will say that I am continually amazed by her. She is so strong. I am a total wimp. She and Ryder had some snuggle time yesterday. It was good for both of them.

Okay back to the topic of the day...Jesus is close to those who are afflicted. So though this struggle is difficult he is near to us. What would we do without that. What a treasure to have HIM near us. We understand Jesus more when we struggle. Since He struggled with Joy. We understand how difficult that must be. I also believed God's heart is tender and so He heart of comfort is revealed in struggle.

Although my heart wonders from God's truth and God never wonder's from us. Although friends and family call to check in on how things are going. God knows. He doesn't have to read the blog to get an update. This makes my heart sing. I've been thinking about that a lot this week. I've been home a lot and when I set down to pray. I take a breathe and begin to share my heart with God's and I feel the Spirit say to me..."Child where do you think I have been?" So I express my heart because the experiences in days like these do a number on my I get set straight when I let his Spirit set me right.n Thank you for your presence Lord.

Although the Mills are stuck at home we always make time for fun. So I planned a FUNdo night last night and I though you might enjoy some pics of that. Fondue us great for Rylee because she is getting used to her new expander in her mouth! Round one was grilled chicken, broccoli, green apples, bread and mushrooms with cheesy fondue. Round two was chocolate marshmellows this time because they are too sticky but they loved the cream puffs and bananas!


Sallie said...

I have been reading your blog off and on for some time now. I am always encouraged by you!!

God bless!

Lori said...

Hi, Chantell & all!

We got to see Ryder get his high honors award at school on Monday afternoon, and rejoice with you in the great young man he is! I've been praying for Regan and you!

Love, Lori