Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our little Yoda

Our family host's a Halloween party every year. I know many of you do not celebrate because of the evil but we have made the choice to know that This is the day the Lord has made and We rejoice and are glad in it. We love to dress up so we go for it!. So last night in the midst of breathing treatements and suction we had 25 people over. Here are all the kids dressed up and ready to hit the neighborhood. We love our neighbors so we look forward to it every year. We also eat together and each family brings information about a saint. A saint is someone who believes in Jesus. Each family either tell us about their saint or acts out a skit about it. It is great to learn about our brothers and sisters in Christ through out history who have took a bold stand for Christ. Here is a picture of the mom's that worked hard to get costumes together and make yummy food. Tesha, Jennifer, Me, Cindy and Shannon are all important people in my life. They all are those friends who I call on for lots of things in my life. I look forward to this night all year because of the sweet fellowship we all share.
Tesha and Jennifer live in the country and have to neighbors to Trick or Treat at and Cindy lives in my neighborhood and Shannon well she is just always invited.

Our kids decided to be Star Wars people this year. Ryder is Luke, Rylee Leia and Regan Yoda. They looked great. Thanks Nana for helping us make our costumes again this year! You rock! Regan continues to struggle to breathe. We are doing breathing treatments every two hours. She had big attack last night after everyone had gone home. She is better today. Please continue to pray for her breathing. We are trusting God that each day is in His plan. He knows what it will hold. We trust that what He has called us to He will equip us for. He just have to walk in the courage and boldness to DO it for Him.. On an added side note. My sweet husband let me sleep in until 7:20 this morning. He made the kids lunches and handled all the morning stuff so I could sleep from 2:30 to 6:30 with out interruption. Now that is love! Not the flowers and chocolate kind but really unconditional selfless love. I am so blessed my him everyday but today was special.

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Sharon said...

Hi Neighbors! We loved having your 'gang' visit once again! I wanted you to know, that everyday, while I walk, I pray for my neighbors, so that includes your whole family. I thank God for our safe, family friendly neighborhood. I find it comforting, no matter what time of day or evening I walk, that as I pass by different people's homes, how blessed I am to have people like ya'll in our neighborhood!