Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick Update

Well Regan is still not better...her is a recap of the last few days. So we went on an antibiotic for UTI...she also has E-coli in her gut...not the kind that kills you but it is a serious infection. This infection has also caused pulmonary issues. So she is working really hard to take every breathe. This is very difficult to watch...down right scary at times. We aren't for sure if it is officially pneumonia because our primary care physician has not called us back from the X ray we took YESTERDAY at noon! BUT either way the antibiotic she is one will handle all three of these issues. As of noon today she has been fever free for 24 hours for the first time in five days. We are hoping she will start to improve. We are giving her breathing treatments every two hours around the clock so pray for our strength because we are not getting a lot of sleep at one time. Mostly pray for her. I will update more on Wednesday.


Mandy said...

friend, i can hardly imagine how tired you guys are, because all i know is how tired i am after only 2 days of Maddy & Evan! Will be praying for you guys for strength, but especially for continued healing for Regan.

Stacey said...

we are praying. i cannot imagine what you all are going through. you are radiant, that is what i think of when i read about suffering or hardship, it only makes us shine more for christ. thanks for posting, it is a great way to stay in touch. love you!