Friday, October 26, 2007

Down, Down, Down...

Well, yesterday I took Regan for some tests to be run. Today my Mom and I took her in to the doctor to get the test results...she has a urinary tract infection. So she is on an antibiotic to cure that and the fever has been up and DOWN but mostly down. I thank you all for praying. I am sure that as the prayers went up the healing flowed DOWN.

The rain came DOWN all day today. I must have had a brain fart because I straitened my hair today...which means it didn't stay strait. ARRRRR.

My Mom and Dad headed back DOWN to Oklahoma today. We are so glad they were here. Above is a picture of Regan and my Mom. Aren't they pretty. I know my Mom looks so good! I claim those genes in Jesus name. Below is a picture of the head board and pillows we made. The details are hard to see in this picture but you can get the general idea. They are such a blessing to me. Mr Albert in Mary Poppins in right when he says "leaving is the saddest thing I ever heard."
Ryder had his first school dance tonight so he had fun getting DOWN with all his friends. He said it was typical most of the boys were "too cool" to dance but he wasn't. He fast danced and slow danced with all his friends. No body tried to kiss him so that was a great relief to me.

While Ryder and Brian were gone tonight the girls and I snuggled down on the couch and watched my favorite movie Mary Poppins. Rylee and I each took turns holding Regan while we held each others hand. Sweet times....Rylee and I decided when we breathe in Regan it just calms us DOWN!

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Vera Lu said...

Thanks for the sweet girl update and pictures. The quotable quotes from Ryder and Rylee beat anything I've ever read in Readers Digest! (grandma boasting). And this one from Rylee is another blessing. I found out that we can click on the pictures on the blog it will zoom in to life size, which is especially great for feeling close to Regan. The patterns you chose for your bedroom are beautiful. I could even see the nightstand scarves providing a perfect background for the OU coaster and smooch picture.
Love and prayers from Kansas City