Thursday, October 18, 2007

An Autum Ramble

The last few days I have really enjoyed listening to the wind blow in the trees. The sound of my dog barking at the squirrels that are working so hard to prepare for the winter freeze. I hear them while I am in the kitchen as they run on my neighbors garage roof. I hear the acorns drop to the ground. My days are quiet. The sounds of Fall make a harmony to the steady sounds of Regan's breathing and the rotation of her feeding pump. This is the sound track of my day. I love people and all the life they bring but I find with age I also love silence. The peace of knowing I am hearing only what God wants me to hear. That somehow HE is teaching me something IN what I hear. It is almost as if the trees say "shhhhh listen." Often my early mornings are crazy because of getting the kids off to school and my afternoon's and evening even louder and busier because with the return of the children comes noise. I love their noises but sometimes I need peace. Fall has been one of the joys of living in Illinois. Dallas didn't have the same beauty as Fall in the north has.

As I listen to the wind it reminds me that change is coming. I am a fan of Summer because of the the joy of that season but I feel most at home in Fall.

I love pumpkin in all forms. I love to look at them, eat there meat, hold them in my hands, eat their seeds...what a hardly veggie a pumpkin is. So amazing. My parents always visit in October so it is one of my happiest weeks because I love to be with them. I love who they are. I want to be who they raised me to be. I love the anticipation of Holiday's and Fall if full of that. I love to wear vests...I have a navy one that was probably made in the 1970's. It is the kind you picture on a farmer; slick and puffy. Not as glamorous as the modern day puffy vest. I bought it last year at the Mission Mart here in town. I have a story in my mind that my Grandpa LR would have worn a vest like this. I picture him in my mind when I put it on. I see him driving in his teal farming truck toodling down the dusty road that ran in front of my Grandparents farm house. And in my mind he is wearing this vest. It has a tear on the pocket and I think it happened while working He was working on a fence. (remember this story is completely made up but I do these things to keep myself entertained) When I wear it I think of him. I miss him since he lives with Jesus now. I also love soup. Sometime we can eat it three times a week in the Fall. So warm, so filling, so practical because it is all in one bowl. I love the pace of Fall...I feel my heart want to slow down..anticipating winter's hibernation. Yet there is the work of harvest time too....just plain ole practical work that must be done...the play of summer is really over...Fall is here..time to get ready. My heart is full of praise to the ONE who spoke this into being....He made it up...I wonder if it was a story in His divine Mind before he spoke into being. All of this that we know wasn't and then He made it to be.

"I will thank the Lord with all my heart; I will declare all Your wonderful works. I will rejoice and boast about You; I will sing about Your name Most High." Ps 9:1-2


velvet said...

Love this and the last! What a beautiful and inspiring reminder to be still and know God, hear him, and love him. Ahhhh, that just sounds so nice. Of course, at this very moment I'm neglecting my kids wrestling and hurting each other in the other room. Solitude sounds so dreamy!

Mandy said...

friend, i love this.

normally i'm not a big fan of fall, but for some reason today it's giving me comfort. i don't know why. normally i hate the cold, but this weekend i'm looking fwd to living in comfy clothes and doing fall-ish things like making caramel apples or baking a pie.

i love the sound of the wind too...i hate the feel of how cold it is, but i love listening to it...and if it's warm, i love to feel it. i think i'm going to have to blog about fall-ish things now too..