Thursday, October 04, 2007

So Blessed!

Well, Rylee did turn 9 with Style!
We love this picture of her!. She and I wore our Twinkie shirt dresses! We love to plan and have parties. She wants to thank everyone for their sweet comments...oh so so good to be built up in the Lord!

I wanted to send an update on Regan....she is more alert than she has been. She is on an antibiotic so it seems to be helping. Thanks for your prayers about here. I know that the Holy Spirit is always informing us and prompting us to pray in certain ways.

Before I posted the email about Regan last week I got three different calls or emails wondering how she was and feeling the burden to pray....Praise God that the Holy Spirit doesn't need a blog update to bring His people to pray. As I write tears come to my eyes as I reflect on how God uses His body to minister to each other in so many ways. I am so glad that He has taken us into Himself, Blessed us in Christ, and then brakes us to be given to the world as a blessing....I thank God each time of think of this truth and each time I think of you.


velvet said...

I love it when God does those little things that assure us He's there! I did a Bible study once that called them "hugs" from Him. Not really biblical, but fun!

Sallie said...

You two look so cute in your dresses!!

I love it when God shows us before we need it that He is already there for us.

God bless,

shannon said...

amen sister. God is amazing. i love how He speaks through you.