Thursday, October 11, 2007

Friendship with Jesus

Do you ever have seasons in your life where you feel a distance from God but you can't figure out why.....I think I am in one of those. I have been meditating on what it is to be a friend of God. I must admit I have always wanted to be "a friend." I've always wanted to be on the inside track...I like to be liked by most people. I love my friends a lot and I love to BE a good friend. So I've been focusing my thoughts lately about how I want to be a friend of God's....not just a Christ follower but a friend like in John 15:14 where Jesus says "You are my friend if you do what I command."

It sorta sounds like second grade girls on the playground doesn't it? "I won't be your friend if you don't jump rope with me." A little like Nellie Olsen from Little House (which is a bit of an addiction; Ma is one of my hero/mentor's...sad but true...sad but true). So scripture tells us that not all followers of Jesus are his friends. So my human nature comes in line with the Christ in me and I want to be counted among the friends. I heard it said recently (maybe Beth Moore or maybe JK Jones or maybe both in different ways ) sat that "When you adopt the interest of God you are a friend of God." Of course obedience isn't enough because a slave can do what is said but we are not slaves but chosen for relationship. This is deeper than what Nellie was striving for...she just wanted to control....Jesus isn't dysfunctional in anyway. He seems to want us to remain IN Him...remain in His Love...produce fruit from His love. (John 15)

I liken this to a marriage relationship...this deep friendship where I take on the interest of Brian because I love I love what He loves....his job...his friends...his shows...his family....his stresses...his worries....his passions.....his wounds....his joys.....I adopt his interests because I love him. That is how I remain in him...remain in love with him...all of this is a product of our love...a sweet friendship.

This effort and friendship bridges the gap of distance, busyness, fatigue, stress, sin.....just like an excellent friend married or not you haven't talked to in a pick right up. Because you have a history that is deep. I am thankful for friends like these....I'm thankful that Jesus is willing to call me friend....I am so glad that He took on my interest at the cross. What a wonderful Saviour we have in Him. "No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:11) This is friendship.....I'm so glad he walks His talk...makes he way less Nellie like doesn't it. Be blessed today!

Just a few quick updates.......ryder is in romeo and Juliet this weekend...exciting. Our dear friends the Terashita's are coming to watch...exciting... My parents come next week...exciting...we are entering the holiday season....which is very exciting....
Regan is doing better...please pray for her seizures which are very strong and long right now....oh and this is NOT exciting.


Kristy said...


Your family actually does not know me, but I know Vera from Geoprobe Systems. She had trained me at the front desk and for the short time I knew her, she was such a huge blessing to me. Anyhow, I also knew Barb Farmer, and she had given us a link to your website quite a while back. Ever since then, I have revisted your site and have found it to be an endless source of encouragement that God has really used in my life tremendously. I wanted you all to know that I have been fervently praying for all of you, and for Regan as well - she's been such a testimony to me. Her story has mad such an impact, that I've shared bits of it with my own friends who are also praying for her, and all of you.

May God bless each of you today in a very special way!

In Him,
Kristy R. Brungardt

Sallie said...

Ma (Little House) always said the most thoughtful things but didn't let you pout either :-)

We have several special needs kids in our extended family and I always feel blessed reading here! Thank you for being such a good example of how to live with these blessings in our lives!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog today through Monday at midnight.. Hope ya stop by and leave a comment :-)

God bless,

amyjo said...
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amyjo said...

Hey Chantell, checked in on you today and just let me tell you girl, you hit it with this post. What an awesome description of the relationship with have available to us. Love you, dear! Amy B.

Dixie said...

Hi Chantell,
I just finished reading your last note...they always humble me. I'm constantly aware of the things with which God has blessed me, but it's wonderful to see and hear about all your blessings as well.
I, too, love the Fall season, except in this early part of it I prefer to call it just adds something to it, it seems. Living in Waverly, Ill for the first 18 years of my life, I, too, miss the beauty of Autumn. Living in Kansas you don't get to see the beautiful colors God has put together. I often see a colorful tree with different colors of no pattern and decide if God can put those colors together, so can I! I was quite often criticized at home for the colors I wore together. Actually at that time, clothes were the least of my interests! But now I love the Fall colors, love to wear them, love to see them.
And like you, I love pumpkin...especially pumpkin bread! I have some extra pumpkin on my shelf...maybe I should just go make some, despite the fact I just took a fresh apple cake out of the oven a few minutes ago. Your Aunt Sue Gilliland got the recipe for me. We'd had it at a church function and I made her call the lady for the recipe b/c I knew the lady better and didn't have time to chat for an hour or so. She got by with just getting the recipe! :o)
I received the sweetest letter from your "other" mother, Vera Lu. I know you must love her lots. Hope my 3 daus-in-law feel the same about me...and I think they do! A couple of them are coming over for cake later.
I'm sort of ramblin' on as I don't have a lot to say, but your note just made me a bit lonesome for Illinois...and this is being in touch! My sis lives in Pekin, actually Marquette she's getting to enjoy the season.
Have a wonderful Lord's Day if every day ISN'T His...wrap your arms around all your family.
A Christian friend,
Dixie Gramke