Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Victory's Cry

For two weeks now we have been giving breathing treatments every two hours. We have sucked more mucus that I care to describe. We have worked tirelessly to arrive at the point today where she is currently only breathing room air and is is breathing easily. She is producing some good coughs every few hours and we gave her no breathing treatments throughout the night last night. If you have never given any breathing treatments the picture to the left will mean nothing to you but if you have this is a three days worth of breathing treatment trash. Each one of these is one breathing treatment. Like empty casings scattered on a battle field. This is what remains of the battle fought in the bedroom of our little warrior Regan. Thankfully this battle we seem to have won.

This morning our family said a prayer of praise to God. We promised each other a long time ago that we would praise Him no matter what but this morning our hearts of full of joy because he has strengthened Regan yet again to defeat what seemed to be the impossible. As a matter of fact we praised Him because He strengthened us which at times felt impossible too! We have all witnessed yet another sermon on how with God all things are possible.

Someday Regan will lose a battle. I think about what that blog entry will say sometimes. About how that might be a tough battle for me to stick to my vow and praise Him in that moment too. But this morning I remember that I can be full of joy because the true reality that Jesus has already won the war. So I ask you today to praise Him with us. Would you do as Jesus asked and rejoice with those who are rejoicing. We can't all feast together which is what I want to do...throw a big party and celebrate. But will you do something today to celebrate...maybe drink a latte' some pie...have a coke....I don't know what it is for you but say a prayer of thanksgiving and celebrate that the this battle and the ulitmate war is won! ps I took this picture this morning blesses me to see her face free from about you?


Sallie said...

Regan is so beautiful! I am always blessed by your posts!!

God bless,

Mills Family said...

Thanks Sallie...God bless you on your journey too!

Dan & Tammy said...

Praise God for his healing! We will celebrate and praise God for you tonight with some hot chocolate! We love you guys and are praying for your family.

Shan said...

I'm celebrating with a cup of coffee...exactly where I find the presence of God...and that cup will bring about a celebration accompanied by tear ducts spilling forth Joy as I offer a sweet aroma of Praise to our God, on behalf of your Regan...!! He reigns!!

Love you guys!

Mandy said...

That is such great news!!!

I shall come over soon and make chili for you and your family to celebrate!

It's amazing what God can do and sad how so often we doubt Him.

Love you guys!

shannon said...

We are praising God with you!!!!!

Julie said...

We celebrated with Frank Sinatra this morning.

We love Regan, and we love you guys, and I am very very proud of you all!

Stacey said...

I am having a "spot 'o tea" in honor of your family... sleepytime! Praise our holy Father for this gift of reprieve. I am grateful for your witness and the joy I see in your family. May you all rest well tonight while your savior sings over you. Love you all!

Betty said...

hi bryan mills. i do not know if you remember me betty mendoza i went to dcc. i was the one on the wheelchair. i remember you that you came several times to preached during chapel. i know it takes a lot of faith to do the mandane things every day family, graduate school, etc. Reagan is special--she has many limitations and difficulties but she gives us more than we can acknowledge. Raegan was made by God in his own image for his purpose and by his purpose.


amyjo said...

Praise the Lord!! Regan, you and your God are amazing!

Mills Family said...

Thanks for all the posts! We also heard from people who drank hot chocolate for breakfast. Our friend and neighbor Ellen brought our family homemade cupcakes last night to celebrate! Our family had a Wii (this is a video game) tournament! Ryder won! So yummy since baking is not my thing...My SFG also had muffins Thursday morning. So glad to hear from everybody.

Brookelyn said...

I celebrated God's victory within your family through pumpkin pie. Love it and it reminds me of so much goodness and love.
We love you guys and will continue to pray for strength, courage, and more victories!