Friday, December 15, 2006

15 Minutes

So I am wondering...what would you do if you had an extra 15 minutes. I subscribe to my favorite magazine "Real Simple" it is a simple pleasure in my life. They pose a question every month and people answer it. I am wondering what many of you would say? Did you know "Take me Out to the Ball Game" was written in fifteen minutes. So if you want post your activity for your extra 15 minutes.
If I had an an extra fifteen minutes today I would sit and stare at my Christmas tree. I love it. Actually this morning I got to do that. This morning was wonderful because I was reading the prayers for today from the "Divine Hours" and watching the tree blink. Brian was reclined on the sofa grading papers. The background music to lovely scene was Rylee and Regan playing together in Regan's bed. They make the sweetest sounds when they play.
Now that we are done with the pressing responsibilities Brian ((who finished his grading today) and I are indulging in one of our favorite things...season five of our favorite TV show "24". We are like little kids watching the Disney Channel. We are even comforted by the intro music. In Brian's words "Now that is sick." When we watched season 4 last Christmas a couple times we would get back out of bed at midnight just to watch "one more."
have Garrett and Kate Regan is still struggling with the breathing issue. Continue to pray for that. Ryder and RyleeMaupin spending the night. So they are in their rooms playing. Thanks for taking to to keep up with us.


Mandy said...

so glad you guys are able to relax a bit. you deserve it! and i'll be prayin for little Regan...

hm...if i had 15 minutes...i think i would sit in my windowsill and watch the sunset or sunrise each day. I'd prefer it in another setting so I could see a better view, but I think that's one of my favorite things to do.

Julie said...

I'd probably spend an extra 15 minutes
3) cooking 2) in the bath tub
I enjoy my quiet mornings with Regan, but late-to-work Fridays bless my's like a dream come true at the end of every week (a dream that's not interupted by an alarm clock;)

denhesswin said...

Hey fam its Denver. I have been reading your blogs for the last couple of months and am really enjoying them. Anyways I had 15 mins. and I thought I would let you know that I am praying for you and yours and am inspired by the peace God has given your familly