Monday, December 11, 2006

Ice pack for Jesus!

I got up early this morning to work on my last sermon for "Preparing to Preach." I have to hand it in tomorrow. I am beginning to lose the joy of the study so I need a break. I hope I can get done. Brian is sick again. He was down all day yesterday. Regan's breathing is bad. She is just coughing all the time. The treatments do help.
In my study I a revisiting my favorite book of the bible "Joshua." One he is a warrior...all girls love a guy how fights battles for the kingdom. I have a picture in my mind of what he looks like but I can't say...Brian might get jealous. Second he loves God. God says and he does. ....all girls love a guy who obeys the King. Thirdly I love that God makes no sense sometimes. In chapter 5 we find the Israelites have crossed the Jordan armed for battle, the enemy lands are "melting with fear". Yet instead of God striking while the iron is hot he has Joshua circumcise them and they eat the Passover. So we have the strong army of God laying around with ice packs between their legs for four days while eating horseradish.
God is not concerned about our weakness. As a matter of fact he would rather us be weak and obedient. So here I find myself. Thinking...Lord I'm weak...Regan's weak...Brian is weak. Aren't we all weak. We don't have ice packs in between our legs but we might as well. So, I find the Lord here this morning confirming an obedient life. I feel him saying:
"take off your snow boots girl.....for this is holy ground."

P.S. I can't turn in the "ice bags" illustration in my sermon so I guess I will let it lie here. Thanks for listening.

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