Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

We are in Oklahoma with my family. It is good to be with them. It has been a while since we have been here this long with Regan doing so well. We leave for KC tomorrow. We look forward to a few days with Brian's family.
Regan is doing fine. She has been a little fussy but much better. It seems all the gas has passed. The diarrhea has stopped but her BM's are still very loose. So we will work with Cybil when we get back to continue to get the feedings right for her. Please pray for her fussiness. We think it is her back hurting. Her spine curve is grown to 64% which is simply horrible.
Rylee is well. Brian and I got her a Karaoke machine. She loves it. She and Jacie (her cousin) are having a fun time singing Carrie Underwood songs. Since we are IN Oklahoma it makes the songs even more fun. She can hardly wait to get back to Lincoln to sing in it with Ashley, Danielle and Hannah.
Ryder is great. He is the only ten year old boy I know who loves to get cloths for Christmas. He also go some CD's and movies. This morning we gave him some Pirates which he is enjoying. My mom got him a shirt that says, "Those who think they know everything annoy those of us who do." So Ryder!
Brian and I are getting ready to celebrate our 12th anniversary in five days. We finished season five of 24 last night. Brian is happy and all is well with the world except Jack is now on a slow boat to China. I can't stand to see him all beat up. Anyway, I feel blessed to have Brian as my husband. I find it amazing that our love continues to grow stronger. I love him more than ever. I feel loved by him more than ever.
We know that with out the peace of Christ we are unable to have peace with anyone else. Jesus coming as a baby started the whole opportunity for peace.

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