Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Last night was the last official gathering for my SFG (small group of students that I met with each week for spiritual formation). I have been with for three years. We had a party for them here at our home last night. We invited several (25 or so) of their friends to come over to hang out. They arrived at 7:30 and the last group left at midnight. Great fun! It is very hard to let these three go because Megan is going to Guinea, Shannon will move to Joplin, MO for a few months and then move to a small African country no one knows about and Amanda is here in Lincoln for a while but will graduate in May. Amanda and I will continue to met together this spring. We have a tradition of reading the Divine Hours together. It always hits us right where we are. Last night's reading said this "Watch over our welfare on this perilous journey, shade us from the burning heat of the day, and keep our lives free from evil unity the end." AMEN!
This is the second SFG that has grown up on me while I am here in Lincoln. It is painful! I believe this to be true; This pain is good. Wouldn't it be sad if they were leaving me and I felt nothing. Or if I was happy. The pain is part of what makes the relationship sweet. It is only because I experience Christ when we are together that makes this moment painful. The lose of these girls is huge but even greater is the joy that our relationship brings me. Thank you Jesus that you not only dwelt among us but you knew we needed to dwell among others too! We should praise God for that!

Regan's breathing is labored. I checked her stats out on her breathing monitor this morning to try and bring some relief to her daddy's worries about her. She is stating at 97% which is awesome for her. Once again, she is amazing. Will you praise our heavenly Father for that too! I actually think Brian's breathing is worst than Regan's. Ryder and Rylee have early dismissal today. So I am hoping to get the house cleaned so we can have some together time.


Julie said...

Hearing you talk about your goodbyes makes me want to cry too!
When I have had to say goodbye to dear friends it's usually because our respective services in the Kingdom have taken us different places. I know that we are "united" in Christ, but the distance does seems too painful to be compatible with how we were meant to live!
But, that "sweetness" is a taste of heaven---and it strengthens my desire for heaven because I know I can look forward to the day when our service, our lifestyle of worship brings us together in Christ rather than apart.
Once again, a Maranatha moment;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Momma, I know what those goodbyes feel like with you and they are sad!! I am crying just thinking about it! I loved the time we spent together as an SFG and I know that my years at LCC would not have been the same without you! Thank you for a great leader and for loving us.