Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lights Please!

We were among the 2.4 million people to lose power this past weekend. We lost it Thursday around 1am and it came back on Saturday around lunch. We stayed the night in one of our smaller boys dorms at LCC. They were very hospitable but since we bring basically a hospital with us we are glad to be home.
We had a boys room and a girls room plus Moby. Rylee threw up six times. At one point she said, "I want to go home, my stomach really hurts, this must be what it is like to feel homesick." She had a vicious case. She is better now we think it was just twelve hour stomach flu. Thanksfully none of the rest of us got it.
Regan's seizures are back. They are really ugly. She had four in the night in the dorm. So, between Rylee and Regan I got up 10 times between midnight at 7. You do the is not pretty.
All of this reminds us to have a light you have to have a power source. It doesn't matter what kind of light it is it needs a spark to get it started. We are glad to be connected to our source, Jesus.

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