Thursday, November 30, 2006 big D

we didn't get to go to the Reunion because of the ice covering the exact bath of our drive. Very sad...So we soothed ourselves with First Walk. I also wanted to let everyone know that Regan hasn't had a seizure in two days! She did however redevelop the sore on her back. So, that is really disappointing.


Vera Lu said...

Anticipation is such an interesting emotion, but so is disappointment. You must have many emotions in your home today as you redirect your energies. We're always proud of the way you use each event in your life as a teaching opportunity and turn them a positive direction.

dwoody said...

I am so sorry you didn't get to come to Dallas! It sounds like you could use a fun trip! I will continue to pray for you all. My mom is moving in with us for a month or so until her room at the retirement center is available. Pray for me!!! I love you!


Barb Farmer said...

Two days w/out seizures. That is SO awesome. Sorry to hear of the sore on her little back. Ray and I've gotten so much from John Piper's talks re: joy through suffering as we move through this cancer stuff. Your family is such a testimony to so many people and such an example of "joy through suffering". Children just should not have to be going through what Regan is going through. I just pray she's experiencing some joy through her days! It is obvious that the rest of Regan's family sure is. Thanks for your example!
Barb Farmer