Sunday, November 19, 2006

the weekends go so fast........

Thank you all so much for praying for the radio interview. It went great as far as we are concerned. We were able to really tell Regan's story and how God has used St Johns to bless our family. The woman in charge to the telethon said she would send us a CD so we will load it on the blog so you can all hear it. We were actually interviewed by another lady while we were there. She would like to feature our family in the St Johns quarterly magazine. We agreed. I have been saying for years that when I talk about the hospital I sound like a stupid commercial but it is just truth.
I had to go the the prompt care on Saturday morning because I woke up feeling horrible. I have strep again. This is the second time this month. But when I got in the car to make the drive to Springfield they were replaying our interview. So, I called Brian and he and the kids listened to it.

So, since I was sick with strep I did not get to go with Brian and the kids to Indy for the National Missionary Convention. Brian did his workshop and it went great. He thought everybody was clicking with him. The kids had fun, Rylee even ran his power point for him! On Saturday night they while they were in Indy they went to Chili's to eat and spent two hours bowling. They had a great time and I am glad they got to have fun even though Regan and I had to stay home.
Please pray for me as I get over this strep we are sure that Brian has it again and suspicious about Rylee so he is calling the doctor in the morning. Please pray that we can get rid of it this time.
Also, please pray for Regan's brace. She developed a small sore on her back. It is almost all better but it has taken a week for it to get there. We need to be using the brace so please pray that when we start back she will be able to tolerate it.
Lastly, please pray for our friends the Maupin's they are moving to Lincoln after serving the Lord in Mexico City for the past five years. They have two children that are the ages of Ryder and Regan. Pray for them as they transition back to life in the United States...okay actually rural IL...Mexico City and Lincoln share very few similarities. Thanks!
I appreciate all of you who post comments, so keep it up! It comforts me to know you are checking in on us and I love hearing about you.

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