Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Thanks to all your responses both on the blog and via email. Regan has a doctor appointment on Friday. We will be doing xrays with her in her new brace. She is up to sleeping in it eight hours each night. She seems to be handing it great! We credit this to the grace of God so thanks for your prayers regarding this transition. Please pray for this appointment to go well. They will place sensors between her the brace and then take the xray. These sensors will measure the pressure from the sensors. We really want God to use this brace to help Regan's spine. Her curve is very severe and it on the brink of causing other problems if we can not stop it from continuing. I have added a link (if it works) to this email that you can go on to see her brace. She has the "Providence Systems" model. Regan's is purple, of course.

Rylee is going to Cheer Clinic over the next few days. She is loving that. Ryder and Brian are looking forward to seeing Toby-Mac in concert on Friday and an IL Football game on Saturday. It should be a great weekend.


Michelle said...

I love you guys and will continue to pray for all of you - especially Regan.

Julie said...

I miss you this morning, Regan!
ps. Lost was crazy. I thanked Lil for letting me invade her space for half an hour to watch this crazy show she's never seen:)She's better off not even getting started!

Mills Family said...

Glad you finished up LOST. Regan and I laughed about it. "Lost; bringing Regan's worlds together." Regan missed you today too! We went shopping and thought of you several times throughout our day! You would have loved the deals we got!

Carol Streber said...

Dear Mills,

The weather in Lovington, NM went from 85 degrees to 28 degrees overnight! We are missing our warm weather, but I'm sure we'll become acclimatized soon. I know I shouldn't "whine", because you "IL" have already had a big snow and cold temperatures in your "neck of the woods". However, our "neck" has really been quite nice until the last few days.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Dixie's parents will be our only guests and perhaps one high school girls whose parents will be in OR for the holidays. Friday morning Lynda will head to Eldorado,TX to be with her brother. I'll be getting outdoor Christmas decorations set up. I've asked 2 high school boys to help me get things out of the attic and set up the front yard AND the "500 pound" fake Christmas tree!!! Lynda & I got her Snow Village and 2 tables down from the attic and have them set up in the music room. It looks really nice. We try to set up the Snow Village the 1st of Nov. and leave it up until the end of January. That way, Christmas decorating is reduced (somewhat)!

Pilar has a home basketball game Friday night. It's his "only" home game until after Christmas. He called and asked if we would attend. How can you say "No, we'd rather not!" Then, Monday, we are going to Lubbock and do some of our Christmas shopping.

David Trujillo (our mayor who has been arrested yet another time for fraud and embezzelment) has finally stepped down from his position as mayor. Dixie is now "temporarily" the mayor. After a "two weeks waiting period", the board will elect another mayor. Dixie is hoping they will elect her! In fact, she feels she has at least 3 votes from the 5-person city board, which is all she needs for the position. Time will tell. She was interviewed by Channel 7 today (Albuquerque). She was certainly nervous, but she got through it just fine.

We continue to stay busy - first one thing and then another. Write "if" and "when" you find time!

Love, Aunt Carol

Mills Family said...

Aunt Carol,

We are going to Brian's Dad's house for the Thanksgiving. We will be home on the weekend because I have to teach Sunday School. I think I'd vote for Dixie for mayor. Thanks awsome.