Monday, November 27, 2006

and he came to testify to the light

We put up our Christmas Tree yesterday. That is such a huge project. It is funny how already there are "man" jobs and "girl" jobs. Brian and Ryder put the lights on while Rylee and I got supper ready. Rylee made her powerful brownies...yummy! One big issue surrounding our tree each year is who's year it is to put on the star. We have an every other year rotation. They have to get the scrapbook out to see who did it last year. This year is Rylee's year. She wasn't really interested in any other part of decorating except that. There must be something about the lights and the star that have a deep place in our hearts.
John the baptist came to testify to the light....the LIGHT...Jesus. Our prayer for this Christmas is that we would testify to his light. We ask God to direct conversations about light to open up opportunity to testify to His Light. The Light of the World. If you have time today take time to read John 1 and then let all the lights of this season shine in and through you. As we put up our ornaments we thought of many of you who have given them to us through the years or have been a part of ministries that these ornaments represent. They testify to His light in you.
Regan's seizures are horrible right now. They are extremely convulsive. It is painful for her and for us as well. Please pray for her. Also, we are traveling this week to Dallas for Brian's 10 year college reunion. We are very excited to catch up with some great friends the Stephenson's. What a blessing it is to Brian to have Clint in his life all these years.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Mandy said...

hey guys! i'm so glad you sent me a reminder of your blogspot address...i had lost it! thanks for the reminder about being light as you put up your Christmas tree. I'm taking today off and putting mine up, so it's a good reminder as I decorate my own! Praying for Regan and love you guys.

Julie said...

There is something about the star. I did all the work putting up our tree, but I saved the star for Vance. Really, he probably doesn't care about the star, or Christmas decorations at all, but I genuinely felt that I was honoring him in asking him to participate in that way.
And now, it's officially Christmas time!

Shannon said...

Hello mills clan. I miss you all so much and just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and praying for you. Your family is such a blessing to me and so many others. I love you guys!

How's that puppy doing?