Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I feel like a woman

The lights are low, the dryer is running and all feels right with the world. Regan is asleep on the sofa. She has a little snore...oh so sweet. Moby is of course asleep at my feet under the desk....he breathes so funny when he sleeps. I went to have the oil changed today and wanted to have the drivers side brake light replaced because it is burned out but they oil place couldn't do it. So, I did it myself! I got out the instruction book. Found out what type of light it needed and Regan and I went to O'Riley's and bought it. We came home and changed it ourselves. I had Shania Twain's song "Man I feel Like a Woman" running through my head.
Today makes me thankful for my mom. She is really independent. She could DO anything. I asked her last night on the phone if she ever went to bed with stuff undone. She couldn't really think of a time. WHAT? She had four kids and work fulltime. She works harder than anyone I know and she never complains about it. She taught me to shut up and get it Jesus Name of course. (And people wonder why I am so independent!) More and more I want to be like her... mostly because she is like Jesus....God shines through her brightly.

We are leaving today for Brian's college reunion in Dallas. We are glad for the trip to the land of plenty. Please pray for our safety because of the weather. We love the car. We love traveling around...we don't visit exotic place ...but we visit awesome places because we visit people, people we love.


Julie said...

Too bad the fellas couldn't change your light, but sounds like it gave you an opportunity to try out those independent woman muscles (one of which is of course your brain! Is the brain a muscle? know what I mean.)

Yes, Regan does have sweet snores...we hear them all morning during school:) It's so peaceful that it makes it hard to stay awake myself some days!!

Carol Streber said...

Tell, you go, girl! My theme song was "I Am Woman!" Ain't it great when you succeed at a task you know nothing about!
Love, Aunt Carol